Going Green

Photo of the Russian River

Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport (STS) is endeavoring to operate an energy efficient facility. Here are a few green things the Airport has done or is planning to do.

  • The Airport installed smart irrigation controllers to manage landscape irrigation.
  • We turned off water to large lawn areas. Large lawn areas now have that lovely golden look in summer; small areas near the Terminal entrance remain green.
  • Energy efficient lighting was installed in parking lots, ramps and buildings, both inside and out.
  • We're running a pilot program to replace additional fixtures with energy efficient LED lighting.
  • We recycled asphalt on a recent ramp project by breaking it up and using it as fill under the new surface.
  • Installed LED taxiway lighting on a taxiway and ramp rehabilitation project leading to an 80% wattage reduction. Eventually all taxiway lighting and airfield signs will be replaced with LED.
  • We purchased a new sweeper (cleaner burning diesel engine) and got rid of old polluting sweeper.
  • We turned in a big gas-guzzling van and now have a hybrid Escape.
  • We replaced two full size pickup trucks with two smaller more efficient trucks for operations personnel.
  • High Efficiency Toilets (HET) and fixtures were installed in the Airport Manager's Office and terminal.
  • More efficient thermostats were installed in the terminal and offices.
  • We use environment-friendly cleaning supplies in the terminal and offices.
  • Window film insulation on office, fire station, and security building windows keeps rooms cooler and reduces the need for electricity to power ventilation and air conditioning.
  •  We are in the process of replacing the 65 main runway lights from incandescent to quartz, resulting in a 50-60% reduction in electricity use.

Alaska Airline's Q400 Aircraft

Alaska Airlines flies Bombardier Q400 76-seat turboporp aircraft in and out of the Airport every day.

The “Q” means Quiet!
The Q400 represents the latest in aircraft technology. The “Q” designation stands for quiet. New models of the Q Series aircraft feature a revolutionary Noise and Vibration Suppression (NVS) system, which makes this aircraft the quietest, most vibration-free turboprop in the sky. The absorbers produce counter vibrations that all but cancel out the original vibrations. The result is a sharp reduction in both cabin vibration and noise, and a remarkable increase in passenger comfort. It’s no wonder these aircraft remain the ideal choice of leading regional airlines worldwide.

Green Machine
The Q400 is truly a green machine. The Q400 respects the environment by setting new standards for environmental protection for an aircraft of its class.

Compared to comparable aircraft performing the same mission, the Q400 offers:

  • Community noise levels well below FAR 36 and ICAO Annex 16 Ch 3. requirements
  • Reduced noise exposure for ramp personnel
  • Reduced engine emissions 0% below Part 34 requirements for Smoke Number
  • 40% below ICAO Annex 16 requirements for gaseous emission

What the County of Sonoma is doing

The Energy and Sustainability division of General Services is responsible for the planning, evaluation, and administration of programs designed to reduce the County's impact on the environment. 

What you can do

Fly local! Along with your energy efficiency efforts at home, school, and work, fly locally from STS to save gas and cut emissions on the Highway 101 and East Bay corridors.