Terminal Remodel

The terminal remodel was completed in 2010 and an Open House was held in September of that year to celebrate the accomplishment. A festive crowd turned out to see the improved terminal and witness the ribbon cutting. Passengers can now fly to and from Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport with increased convenience and comfort.

            artist's rendering of the remodeled terminal.

Remodel Facts

Funding the Remodel

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Our Progress

The photos below show the progress of the Terminal Remodel during construction. Recent posts are shown first. Click on the smaller photos to see a larger version and description.

The ribbon cutting team.

Airport Manager Jon Stout said a few words before the ribbon cutting ceremony.Builder Scott Murray (Murray Building, Inc) and Principal Architect Paul Powers (Mead & Hunt). Excellent work, sirs!

Guests and exemplary helpers Mary and Bonnie enhance World Traveler Lucy's cuteness.Airline Attraction Committee member Don Test tries out the Airport's new information booth.

Guests were greeted by a large vintage photo of the 1967 ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the original terminal. The Airport was established in 1941, the current terminal was built in 1967.Security officers were on hand at the Open House to answer questions and have a good time.

The view of the terminal addition from the tower. The original terminal is at right. (9/17/10)The remodeled terminal, new pathways and fencing. (9/17/10)

This is a photo of a Q400 and the Airport's new revolving gate where passengers enter after an arriving flight.The Sky Lounge Restaurant patio on a sunny day. Diners are enjoying a view of the airfield.

This photo is a view from the new doors that open to the new pathways, railings, and Sky Lounge patio. This photo shows the new railings along the pathway to the west entrance to the terminal. New fencing, a turnstile, and landscaping will complete this portion of the project. 8/10

This is where the temporary baggage claim used to be. New, newly paved pathways will make it easier to get to the terminal after debarking from an airplane.This photo shows the cement work that goes between the expanded terminal and the Sky Lounge patio. New doors will be installed where the plywood is not. 8/6

Late July 6, the wall that separated the new space from the old came down. Now there are 5,000 additional square feet for passenger comfort.The old wall was just beyond these pillars. The rental car agencies are still in the process of moving to their new spots. New check in kiosks will take their place and new carpeting will cover the floor.

After screening, passengers enter the secure waiting area for boarding. The space is now twice the size it was prior to July 7 when Security took up half the space for screening. The white line under the chairs shows where the wall came down.Next step, boarding, taxi-ing, and take off!

This photo shows the entrance to the new, larger Security screening room. Passengers in line for screening for the second flight of the day, the 10:45 departure to Seattle. Thanks for flying STS!

The check in area is still a work in progess. When complete there will be three counters with space for six check in agents and the floor will be carpeted. The whitish line in the floor indicates where the old wall separated the new space from the old.After bags are checked, they travel down this conveyor to the baggage makeup room for screening and loading onto the plane.

Aren't I pretty and shiny? I'm the new baggage carousel!These arriving passengers were the first to retrieve their bags from the new carousel.

Avis, Enterprise, and Hertz rental car agencies all have new spaces in the remodeled terminal, right near the new baggage carousel. How convenient!Dear old baggage slide, thank you for years of service. We won't forget you.

The remodel is better seen from the south and north, although here, looking west, you can see the addition of the baggage room to the right.

Tomorrow, July 7, the far wall that separates the new space from the original terminal will have come down, joining the two spaces and making a large new area for passenger comfort.The three car rental agencies in the Terminal have been relocated. Hertz has the space to the right.

What would Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport be without Peanuts? Sign installers are seen here applying a colorful daily strip to a wall in the new Terminal. It looks like one of the men is standing on a vending machine, but he's really on a scaffold.New amenities include three new vending machines. Travelers will have the option of quick and easy snacks or tasty dining in the Sky Lounge Steakhouse. 

On July 1, new fencing was installed around the baggage make up room and nearby baggage carousel.The new fence separates the baggage area from the firehouse.

July 1 was a bright, hot day. Workers hurried to finish up the baggage carousel in the shade.Testing, testing, testing. The carousel works!

When complete, this conveyor system will take bags from check in to the baggage make up room for screening prior to loading on the aircraft.The conveyor system as seen from the baggage make up room, where bags are screened prior to loading on the plane.

Interior photo of the baggage carousel during the process of assembly. 6/21//10An exterior view of the new baggage carousel during assembly. 6/21//10

At left the new baggage make up room is pictured, to the right the carousel is seen under construction. 6/21//10Looking south toward the Tower, you can see the exterior wall where baggage will be placed on the new carousel. 6/21//10

The temporary baggage tent will come down really soon. New baggage pick up will be indoors.Photo of a man at work putting finishing touches on the doors.

An exterior view of the new glass wall and doors that overlook the restaurant patio. 5/10A closer look at the Terminal's new doors and windows. 5/10

Looking south through the new windows to the Tower. 5/10Looking north towards the Sky Lounge pation and the Terminal remodel. Sky lounge will increase the patio space and the area will be spruced up once construction is complete.  5/10

Inside the Terminal looking west toward the new Security screening area. 4/10This wall will be the new location of the three rental car agencies in the Terminal. Avis, Enterprise, and Hertz will each have new counters and an office. 4/10
This view shows the south wall while the windows and doors are in mid-installation. 4/10Looking down from the tower at the new wall of windows and energy efficient roof. 4/10

Looking north from the patio to where the glass wall will be constructed. 3/10Inside the Terminal looking south toward the Tower and restaurant patio. 3/10

This wall will be removed and the old terminal will join the new terminal, making for a much larger space. 3/10The view from the Tower looking down on the roof work in progress. 3/10

The Terminal remodel is coming along. 2/10Inside the roofless Terminal looking north on a sunny day. 2/10
The new slab floors have been poured and the walls are taking shape. 1/10This is the west wall of the original Terminal. The remodel will add 5,000 square feet. 1/10The new structure is taking shape. 1/10Here you can see foundation work and rebar for the restroom walls. That's the Airport firehouse at the far right by the trees. 12/09 The foundation pad and footings for the remodel.Seen here is the new foundation pad and the beginning of
footings.The foundation pad before trenches have been dug for footings.This banner is seen at the front of the Terminal. The project is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and has provided work for 110 people.You can see how thick the new foundation pad is in this photo.Preparing the soil for the foundation pad.Photo of Lake Snoopy and Mount Red Baron. The winter rains posed a challenge, but it was overcome and construction continued.Before construction began, the space between the old Terminal and Security building was a breezeway with decks and baggage claim. Seen here, all has been cleared away but the concrete.One the old baggage claim slide was removed, a temporary baggage pick up site was made. Seen here, workers are preparing the area to add a large tent to protect passengers from the elements.Customers at the Sky Lounge Restaurant have enjoyed a great view of the construction. We thank Sky Lounge staff and their customers for their patience.This is a view of the old breezeway at right and the airfield in the distance. The entire breezeway was cleared down to the dirt to make way for an additional 5,000 square feet of new terminal space.This photo shows the old breezeway area with  a bit of the old baggage slide in the right lower corner. All of it has been cleared away to make room for a larger, more comfortable space.

Remodel Facts

The success of Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air gave a clear indication that our 60's-era terminal was out-of-date and much too small for current needs. Although we'd really like to build a sparkling new terminal, those plans are on hold for now. In the meantime, the Terminal Remodel added needed space that better provides for passenger safety and comfort.

The remodel included the addition of almost 5,000 square feet to the existing terminal, expanding the terminal by one-third to approximately 12,000 square feet.

This artist rendering depicts the new security screening area to the left and the new baggage carousel to the right.

This rendering depicts the new security screening area to the left and new baggage carousel to the right.

The plans called for:

  • Relocation of the screening checkpoint
  • Expansion of the passenger waiting areas
  • Addition of two new restrooms
  • A new baggage system
  • A new baggage processing room
  • Doubling the size of the ticket counters
  • Relocation of the rental car counters
  • More room overall for passenger comfort

The exterior front of the building and the restaurant remain the same; the remodel connected the existing terminal and security building to make one large building. The south-facing side of the remodeled terminal is designed as a large glass wall overlooking the restaurant patio area.

Glass wall Looking south through the glass wall with access to the patio. The windows of Sky Lounge Restaurant are seen through the glass. The restaurant will remain open, with its great view of the airfields.

Funding the Remodel - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Sonoma County Airport received $1,685,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to remodel and expand the passenger terminal. The total budget for the project is $1,757,000; the difference between the grant and total project cost will be funded by the Airport with Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) funds.

The construction contract was awarded to Murray Building, Inc. of Sonoma in the amount of $1,582,709 for the base project. An alternate item to include a baggage carousel has been approved and will be added to the remodel. The costs over the award amount include permitting, architectural fees, and construction administration. The Santa Rosa office of Mead & Hunt, an architectural and engineering firm, designed the remodel.

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